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Ingredient: TAPIOCA, coconut milk, black pepper, sesame (yellow/black), purple onion, salt.

How to make coconut rice paper is quite simple?

Rice is milled out, mixed with coconut milk and desiccated coconut, add a little sesame, pepper, some thin purple onion slices, a little salt and then taken away on the stove coated hot husk. When cooked completely, cake is dried in the sun. Without sun, it must spend 2-3 days to dry cake.


-       Because, cake is too thick, it can’t dip cake in water.

-       When eat, coconut milk rice paper is roasted under charcoal fire. Meet fire, pie swells, light yellow. These onion slices is sweet -smelling, the glamorous golden sesame seeds. However, they must know how to bake a delicious cake. Those who do not know will not know how to bake that cake looks smudgy, black fire place, hardened place, non-edible.

-       when you bake, you should back them up. The best way is to need one chopstick to rest hand holding for not being hot.

Tasty: the aroma of sesame, onion with greasy taste of coconut mik.

Storage: dry, cool place.

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